Approved Training Organization & Flight Training

This section defines the requirements and procedures for the approval, continued surveillance and re-approval of Aviation Training Organizations (ATO’s) offering approved training for pilots, flight operation officers and air traffic controller licenses, whose principle place of business and registered offices are located within the Pakistan. Industry should read this ANO in conjunction with CAR’s 94 and relevant ANO for specific category of License/ ratings.

Moreover, this also defines the regulatory framework for the training of issuance of basic flying training and Flight Instructor ratings as well as to establish requirements for Flying Training Organizations, its personnel and the flying courses conducted at the FTOs.

Basic Flying Training (Issue Dated 01st Oct 2021)
Approved Training Organization Procedures For The Approval & Re-Approval of Aviation Training Organizations (ATO's) Issue Dated 25th October 2021
Safety Oversight Audit Report - Approved Training Organization

Note:The ANO’s on PCAA’s Website are controlled document, when downloaded and copied the document will be considered as Uncontrolled Copy. All persons intending to work in the fields as listed below should strictly comply with their respective ANO’s.

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For more information regarding approval of maintenance organization & Approved Maintenance Training Organizations you are also required to visit the Airworthiness Section related documents (Air Navigation Orders, Airworthiness Notices). For accessing Airworthiness Publication Please click here

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