Medical Requirements for Licenses

Keeping in view the rapid advancement of knowledge, skills and techniques at international level in the field of medicine and aviation, medical requirements for the flight crew have been prescribed through this ANO. These medical requirements may periodically be amended by DG CAA as and when deemed expedient or appropriate in the interest of flight safety

The Medical Requirements laid-down in this ANO are inconformity with standards and recommended practices of ICAO Annex-I, duly adopted by DG CAA under sub-Rule (7), of Rule 40 of Civil Aviation Rules, 1994. While these requirements are worded to indicate the minimum levels acceptable, it is understood that a degree of interpretation must be exercised as per laid-down specifications in this ANO, like age, experience, privileges of the license applied for and environmental/other conditions under which the license-holders are going to exercise these privileges

For medical requirements of personnel licensing, we are referring to the relevant regulations issued by Aero Medical Branch of Pakistan CAA.

Flight Crew Medical Requirements
Procedure For Medical Examination Of Crew Members And ATC/Operational Personnel For Problematic Use Of Psycho Active Substances

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