Licensing Examinations

Pakistan CAA has ownership to conduct flight crew and other technical examinations to ensure that the applicant has acquired the required knowledge for issuance of any licence / certificate and rating. Examination Branch of Personnel Licencing Directorate is responsible for conduct of such examinations. The conduct of such examinations is based on two integrated components i.e. Exam Standards and Exam Delivery as described below:

  • Exam Standards: PCAA retains direct control of exam standards which include standards development and setting, the promulgation of syllabi (aeronautical knowledge), development of exam questions, exam setting, exam assessment, and recording of results.
  • Exam Delivery: Exam delivery comprises the tasks of processing exam applications including the collection of fees, arranging exam sessions at agreed dates and times, organizing and administering exam venues and procedures, presenting the required exams for the candidates, supervising the conduct of exams, and issuing exam results.

Pakistan CAA Examination system uses the internet based computer testing software to conduct exam business. Where the deployment of this examination software provides reliable and consistent testing system based on various cyber / physical security checks to stop malpractices and forgery, it also supports timely availability of exams, virtually instantaneous turnaround of exam results, and a convenient solution to satisfy the needs of candidates.

The detail of technical examinations including details of papers required for a specific licence / rating, the syllabi and breakdown of each paper and the number of questions are described in ANO-002-LCXX. The detailed instructions for candidates to be followed for submitting application and during the conduct of examinations have also been developed and can be downloaded for information and compliance.

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