Personnel Licensing Policy

About Personnel Licensing

Personnel Licensing (Director PEL) is the responsible office for issuance, revalidation and renewal of Personnel licences / ratings on behalf of Director General, Civil Aviation Authority. The responsibilities of Personnel Licencing Directorate are to assess an applicant’s qualifications to hold a licence or rating; issue, revalidate and renew licences / certificates and endorse ratings; designate and authorize approved persons; issue approval to Approved Training Organizations and Approved Trainings to be conducted in such organizations; approve the use of synthetic flight trainers and authorization for their use in gaining the experience or in demonstrating the skill required for the issue of a licence or rating; constitution and approval of Medical board; assess and approve accredited medical conclusion; validate licences issued by other Contracting States & conduct safety oversight of organizations to ensure compliance of regulations.

Personnel Licensing Policy

The CAA Licensing Policy is as follows:

  • Adopt in National regulations to the maximum possible extent, Standards and Recommended Practices related to Personnel Licencing contained in Annex 1 “Personnel Licensing” to the Convention on International Civil Aviation;
  • Closely adhere to the ICAO guidance material and relevant best international practices in the field of Personnel licencing;
  • Issue Validation Certificates on foreign licences in exceptional circumstances based on the National need, on a case to case basis subject to meeting additional requirements; and with limitations as considered necessary;
  • Issue the Licences/Certificates and endorse ratings only subject to the applicant meeting the minimum standards for knowledge, experience and skill as well as required language proficiency and medical assessment as outlined in the relevant National Regulations / Air Navigation Orders by Pakistan CAA;
  • Accept the credit for foreign flying hours only when duly verified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the concerned State. Similarly accept the allowable credit to Ex-Military personnel only when duly verified by the service or concerned department.
  • Issue Restricted Licences up to CPL on the basis of a Foreign Licence in exceptional circumstances. The Restriction, as a minimum, will contain a clause that the holder can exercise the privileges of his/her Licence when accompanied by an Instructor.
  • Validation of Licenses of crew of foreign registered wet leased aircraft operating with Pakistani AOC holders subject to terms agreed in ‘Transfer Agreement’ between the State of Registry and State of Operator.

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