Register & De-register an Aircraft

Register, Deregister, Change of Ownership & Reissuance of COA

Learn about the requirements for registration, de-registration of aircraft, change of registration particulars (change of ownership/change of operator etc), reissuance of certificate of registration & lodging/revoke of irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorization (IDERA) for civil aircraft registered in Pakistan prescribed in Airworthiness Notice No. AWNOT-005-AWRG.

This airworthiness Notice is applicable to civil aircraft intended for registration in Pakistan/aircraft already registered in Pakistan/aircraft previously de-registered from Pakistan Aircraft Register but intend to re-register in Pakistan. This Airworthiness Notice is not applicable to meterological pilot baloons used exclusively for meteorlogical purposes or to unmanned free balloons without a payload.

For latest updates regarding registration, de-registration of aircraft, change of registration particulars & others, you are requested to please view the below mentioned airworthiness notice.

Document Number
Requirement of Registration of Civil Aircraft (Register, De-register, change of registeration particulars, Re-issuance of COA etc)


This Airworthiness Notice shall be implented with effect froom 05th March 2021 and repeals /cancels/ supersedes previous version of same Airworthiness Notice.

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