Airworthiness Charges/Fee Schedule

Airworthiness Charges

Learn about the fees/charges applicable to the operators, individuals, organizations engaged directly or in-directly in aviation activities on account of various airworthiness services rendered to them by Airworthiness Directorate, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority are mentioned in airwothiness notice No. AWNOT-003-AWRG which is applicabel to all operators, organizations and individual, who are directly or indirectly, engaged in civil aviation activities. Organizations involved in aircraft maintenance, aviation maintenance training, design, manufacture, stockist/distributors etc are required to be approved for this purpose. Approval of these organizations and theri regular monitoring is subject to payment of prescribed fee as give in appendix to the above mentioned notice.

For latest updates regarding airworthiness charges you are requested to please view the below mentioned airworthiness notice

Document Number
Airwothiness Services Charges (Operatos, Organizations & Individuals)


Foreign organizations shall pay the fee in US dollars. For the purpose of transfer of foreign exchange, applicable bank charges (in addition to above fees) shall be liability of the depositor.

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