General Aviation

General Aviation

This section describe the requirements, terms, conditions and responsibilities of the Operators/ Licensed Personnel concerning Private Aeroplane Operations & also provide additional requirements for large aeroplanes, turbojet aeroplanes and corporate aviation operations, unless otherwise specified.

The Commercial Pilot - Aeroplane check pilot Guide book (CAAD-627) has been published by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to establish the guide to undertake PPL/CPL/ATPL skill tests for the aeroplane below 5700 Kg weight category. The manual contains the Standards, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines concerning the Flight Inspectors and Check Pilots as designated by PCAA. CAA inspectors and designated check pilots shall conduct skill tests in accordance with this guide.

Private Airoplace Operations - (Date of Implementation: 01, September 2019)
Check Pilot's Guide for Aeroplane 5700 KGs & Below (PCAAD-627)
Single Pilot Procedures During TAXI Operations, 05 October, 2009.

Note: The ANO’s & other documents on PCAA’s Website are controlled document, when downloaded and copied the document will be considered as Uncontrolled Copy. All persons intending to work in the fields as listed below should strictly comply with their respective ANO’s.

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