About Flight Standards

About Flight Standards

The Flight Standards Directorate is a part of State Safety Program of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority. It has been formed to perform the task of maintaining regular surveillance of the operational aspects of all Air Transport Operators in order to ensure safe and efficient commercial air transport services in the country. In order to accomplish these tasks, qualified Flight Operations Inspectors are appointed to the CAA against established posts to conduct Surveillance/Inspection/Checks as per the policies laid down by the Director General CAA.

There are two main branches of this directorate:

  • The Air Carrier Branch
  • General Aviation Branch

The main office is located in Karachi. There is a field office in Islamabad to look after the activities in the northern part of the country.

Air Carrier Branch: This Branch deals with aircraft above 5700kg all up weight engaged in Regular Public Transport and Charter operations. Flight Operations Inspectors conduct the surveillance and regulatory activities. They are assisted by technical and support staff of various disciplines.

General Aviation Branch: This Branch deals with aircraft below 5700kg all up weight and encompasses Flying Schools, Private Operations, Aerial Work and Charter Operations. The main office located in Karachi which is headed by General Manager General Aviation South (GMGA-S) and a regional office located in Islamabad headed by General Manager General Aviation North (GMGA-N).

Air Operator Certificate holders requiring approvals and services are to fill in the Services Request Form and mail it to Director Flight Standards under a covering letter. AOC holders are to deposit an advance deposit of not less than Rs.100,000/- in “PCAA Collection Account No. 2561-8 (CAT-C) National Bank of Pakistan. Deductions from this deposit will be made on receipt of Services Request Form.

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