Enforcement of Dangerous Goods Regulations

Enforcement of Dangerous Goods Regulations

This section prescribe the requirements for Issue/Renewals of Registration of Authorized Air Operator/ Freight Forwarder/Shippers who intend to involve in handling/carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air. Furthermore, the rules, procedures and guidelines of the compliance with technical instructions regarding carriage of Dangerous Goods, unless these relevant instructions in the currently applicable edition of the Technical Instructions have been complied with.

Moreover, this section also desribe the rules & procedure for carriage of forbidden articles / items Unless specially authorized by the Director General, an aircraft shall not carry: (a) articles and substances that are identified as being forbidden in the Dangerous Goods List in the Technical Instructions, including those that are described in that list as "not otherwise specified"; (b) radio active materials that are also explosive; (c) infected live animals; or (d) weapons or parts thereof, or ammunition or constituents thereof, which are designed for use in warfare, or against the person.

Enforcement Procedures Violations Of Dangerous Goods Regulations - (Date of Implementation: 01, January 2018)
Registration / Issue / Renewal Of Air Operator / Freight Forwarder / Shipper For Handling Of Dangerous Goods By Air
Handling Of Dangerous Goods By Air

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